KYOFUKAI, Japan Christian Women’s Organization was established on December 6, 1886. It was started by 56 women in Tokyo and it is the oldest women’s organization active in Japan. In its first years, KYOFUKAI submitted yearly petitions calling for monogamy and an end to Japanese women being trafficked and prostituted overseas. In 1894 it acquired land and established a refuge for the women upon their return to Japan. Social welfare and movement are the indispensable activities of KYOFUKAI. There have been welfare projects in the various regional branches.

The KYOFUKAI has worked for women’s basic human rights, such as to end legalized prostitution, gain the right to vote etc. and at the same time, to create laws preventing minors from abusing alcohol, tobacco and drugs. As we could not prevent the last World War, the KYOFUKAI is promoting world peace now. Our long-sought Prostitution Prevention Law was successfully passed in 1956 but now we can see the serious loopholes and are working toward the new laws for the 21st century, while we also continue our women’s welfare services.

An Invitation for Donation

Kyofukai has been a Christian Women’s Organization in Japan for the last 126 years. Since our establishment in June of 1886, we have continually fought for the acknowledgment and protection of both women and children’s basic human rights. As the first and oldest Japanese Women’s association, we have a rich history of tackling tough issues that have violated women. We, for example, have petitioned in support of monogamy in the pursuit of ending legalized prostitution. In addition to women and children’s rights, we are also actively involved in promoting peace. As Christians, the Peace Division of our organization supports the three principles of the Japanese Constitution; pacifism, respect for basic human rights and the sovereignty of the people. It is the greatest international contribution we can give: to make use of the peace constitution in the 21st century, appealing to public opinion that “peace cannot be created by military power.” Kyofukai promotes peace by presenting educational programs and slideshows for peace-making, educating the public on the effects of war and the importance of international peace.

At present we are diligently working to abolish discrimination against women, the exploitation of women and violence against women. In addition to this we are hosting educational seminars on the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other addictive substances and actions that have an effect on human lives. We have also opened and are operating two women’s shelters. The first one is the “House of Emergency, Love and Peace” which was the first nation-wide shelter for women and children in Japan. People are accepted here regardless of race or nationality. The second shelter is the “Kyofukai Step House” which is a shelter for rehabilitation, helping to give women the self-confidence and self-establishment they need for a new and independent life. Being able to run these shelters and host these activities is all due to the effort not only from our local volunteers, but also through the heart-warming support of national and international advocates.

In these severe times of financial hardship, more and more women and children are being driven into difficult situations in which they are fighting for their survival. There are many women and children who have lost their homes or their places to stay have become far too dangerous and they are helplessly waiting to be supported and assisted by us as soon as possible. To meet these urgent needs, we have been laboring day and night.

We ask that you understand the hardship and pain that these women and children are experiencing and humbly ask for the support of our organization in the form of donations. We understand that these are financially difficult times around the world and appreciate any contribution.

We sincerely thank you for your support and prayers.

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